• MRO-industrial
  • Flange Gaskets
  • Metal Gaskets
  • Fiberglass Tapes, Ropes and Tadpoles
  • Fiberglass Blanket
  • Ceramic Tapes, Ropes and Tadpoles
  • Ceramic Blanket
  • Non-Asbestos and Modified PTFE
  • Vegetable Fiber and Beater Addition
  • Commercial and Premium Grade Elastomers
  • FKM and Viton®, FFKM and Perfluoroelastomers
  • Silicone
  • Boiler and Topog-E® Gaskets
  • Sponge, Foam and Stripping
  • Braided Packing
  • Allpax® Tools
  • Tube and Cord Extrusions, U-Channel and Custom Profiles
  • Virgin PTFE, Expanded PTFE, Joint Sealant, Other Plastics
  • Molded Rubber and Plastics
  • Isolation Kits


We provide custom high volume die-cut and flash-cut products, slitting, laminating and adhesive application. We provide custom packaging and labeling options to meet your specific needs.



Specialty Gaskets Inc. offers products designed and manufactured to meet a wide range of demanding MRO and industrial solutions. We provide added value with our inherent durability, flexibility, and the secure confidence gained by proven-in-use experience.

Take advantage of our large inventory, quick turnaround times, and competitive pricing. Our knowledgeable customer service will guide you to the right material for your application needs, and recommend solutions catered to your requirements.

We work closely with a variety of different industries and application areas such as water treatment, high-temperature hydrocarbon processing, chemical processing, flame and fire safety, oil and gas, and much more.