7521 TFE (Dry) Packing


7521 TFE (Dry) Packing 1/8" (2lbs/box)
Product Code: SGI-115-0805

Style 7521 is a firm, high density interlock braided packing manufactured from pure PTFE filaments and pretreated with PTFE resin but contains no other lubricants. The PTFE resin provides a low friction surface finish and prevents leakage through the braid. With no sacrificial lubricants to wear out, Style 7521 is long lasting, with an extremely low coefficient of friction and excellent heat dispersion. Ideally suited for chemical process applications where extreme chemical resistance is required.
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  • Thickness
  • Weight/Box
 Minimum Temperature  -328oF (-200oC)    Pressure
 Maximum Temperature  540oF (280oC)    Rotating  215 psi (15 bar)
 Shaft Speed  1000 fpm    Reciprocating  2150 psi (150 bar)
 pH Range  0 - 14    Static  3600 psi (250 bar)

Material Safety Data Sheet

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Technical Data Sheet

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